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UX Design and Researcher


Research has shown that plastic bags are found in essentially every ocean around the world and there hasn’t been a solution to help alleviate this issue.


I wanted to change the production of selling harmful plastic bags in grocery stores and instead replace them with eco-friendly bags that will inform, educate and encourage consumers on the purpose of reusable bags.
I created Eco- Approach, a reusable, eco-friendly bag, it consists of printed marine animals that mimic and serve as a reminder of the negative affects plastic bags have on the oceans.

Ideally, when customers visit grocery stores and check out, the employees will give them a speech and educate them about the after life cycle of plastic bags and the process of how they are being transported from land into the ocean. They will voice the cause as to why the animals are printed on the reusable bags and why this is an ongoing issue.

After this speech, they will then give them the option on which bag they would like to use.
Here is an example of what they would say:

“Would you like to use an eco-friendly bag, you’d be saving the environment with your choice or would you like the plastic bag?”
When consumers are given this option they will feel a sense of guiltiness if they do not choose the reusable bag. The bag will be made out of biodegradable materials, such as cotton a natural plant based fibre. It will also come in many sizes, depending on how much groceries the consumers have.

- Market research 
- Research and analysis

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