Shine Bright

Zehra Jaafar focused on stress and anxiety that impairs daily functioning in a workplace environment. Her design intention was to assist users by providing them with information regarding workplaces and or career preferences that are best suited for their personalities and their required needs.

As students, we not only face the pressure of deadlines for school work, but also the pressure of finding a job. This can be a difficult situation to be in because, we invested our time for our education and we want to have the best job we can. Many of the times students/graduates who are having trouble with finding their ideal job, slowly shift into being open to any jobs at this point because, of their loans, etc. With that mindset, their anxiety can get worse.

How are they supposed to be “okay” when they don’t enjoy their job?
What if we can create something that will give them information on where they should work that best fit their required needs? 


Zehra's prototype is an app called “Shine Bright,” specifically designed for students and graduates who are having trouble finding their ideal jobs.
“Shine Bright” is a program that consists of a series of related instructions designed to make you ”shine bright” in your careers. As well as providing you with suggestions of which career fits your personality and your required needs.




























Consequently, what happens most of the time is, they slowly shift into being open to other jobs because of their loans, etc. With this mindset, their anxiety can get worse because, how are they supposed to work and feel confident in an environment that they do not enjoy.

What makes this app unique is this app focuses on highlighting a users personality rather than just their profile. Once the user allows the app to send the resume to the job position, the employer will have access to the users profile (strengths and things they need support in). It’s very important for the employers to know what you’re good at and what your needs are.

Attached below is the link to "Shine Bright" app prototype.

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